Oil seals are also known as rotary shaft seals or oil grease seals. They prevent foreign matter such as dirt, dust and water from entering bearings and shafts. Oil seals also retain greases and lubricants to ensure correct, efficient functioning of the equipment. 

Oil seals are fitted onto the shaft, covering the clearance between the shaft and the housing, and rotate in motion with it.

The Bearing Company supplies Nitrile and Viton seals. The type of rotary shaft seal you choose will depend on your application, as they can endure different levels of temperature and chemical exposure.

Nitrile oil seals are resistant to acids and hydrocarbons and can withstand temperatures between -40°C and +135°C. They are used in rail, automotive, mining, marine and pumping applications.

Viton oil seals are normally more durable than nitrile seals; they can withstand higher temperatures and are resistant to fats, salt, petrol and diesel. Viton has a lower risk of catching fire and is less susceptible to decay under high oxygen conditions.

The benefits of opting for a rotary shaft seal are:

  • Prevents leaks, so the product isn’t wasted
  • Avoids contamination, so protects workforces
  • Large sealing surface for sturdy, longer-lasting protection
  • Flexible
  • Simple installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Oil seals are used in every type of machine to protect ball bearings, sleeve bearings, roller bearings and more. They are typically used in driveshafts, crankshafts and hydraulic cylinders where the rotating shaft is lubricated. Some examples of oil seal applications are:

  • Vehicles
  • Machinery
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil refineries
  • Power transmission
  • Steel rolling mills
  • Gearboxes
  • High speeds, eccentric shafts

The Bearing Company supplies Nitrile and Vitron rotary shaft seals at competitive prices. From 0.75mm inside diameter to 160mm, we’ll have the right sized oil seal for your application. 

We can offer next-day delivery and tracked delivery with reliable couriers. Call us on 01527 509620 or email [email protected] for guidance on our oil grease seals.

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