At The Bearing Company, we understand the critical role bearings play in keeping your machinery running smoothly and efficiently. When it comes to demanding applications that require exceptional strength and stability, taper roller bearings stand out as the reliable choice.

Unlike ball bearings, which use balls to reduce friction, taper roller bearings utilise tapered rollers that contact both the inner and outer races along a line, distributing load more evenly and efficiently. This design makes them ideal for applications with:

  • High radial and combined loads: Perfect for gearboxes, axles, and other components carrying significant weight and radial forces.
  • Heavy shock loads: Withstand impacts and vibrations commonly encountered in construction, mining, and agricultural equipment.
  • High-speed applications: Engineered for smooth operation at high RPMs, found in machine tools and wind turbines.
  • Thrust loads: The tapered design allows them to accommodate both radial and axial loads simultaneously, eliminating the need for separate thrust bearings.

Our extensive range of taper roller bearings caters to diverse industry needs. We supply metric and imperial sizes to accommodate various machinery designs.

Browse hundreds of taper roller bearings from leading brands like Timken, NSK, and FAG. Our knowledgeable team can also guide you to the perfect bearing for your application.