Housed Bearing Units & Inserts – These are Cast iron and pressed steel mounted bearing units complete with the insert, available in set screw locking, eccentric collar locking or taper sleeve locking.

The Housed bearing unit range are made of grey cast iron or sheet steel. The surface of the grey cast iron housings is passivated and painted for protection against corrosion. Pressed steel housings are zinc plated
Pillow Blocks (NP, SL, MP, SNP-UCP, UCPL, UCPX, UCPA) Flange units (SF, MSF, SFT, MSFT, LFTC- UCF, UCFX, UCFL, UCFLX, UCFL) Flange cartridges (FC, MFC- UCFC, UCFCX ) Take-up units (ST, MST, BT-UCT, UCTX), Cartridge units (SLC, MSC-UCC), Hanger Blocks (SCHB, SCH).
Two piece, pressed steel, zinc plated housing without lubrication facility , Pillow Blocks (LPB, LPBR -PP), Flange Units (SLFE, SLFT, SLFL-PFL, PF, PFT).

The inserts are deep groove ball bearings with spherical outer rings that can compensate misalignment and flexion of shafts to a certain extent. Fixing to the shafts is by the means of set screws, eccentric locking collar or adapter sleeve.