Based in the UK, Bondloc manufactures premium adhesives and sealants. With over 25 years of experience, you can depend on Bondloc products to deliver innovation and quality. Their bearing retaining compounds have many applications including automotive, agriculture and engineering.

Different types of Bondloc adhesives are suited to different situations. 

Anaerobic Adhesives

Anaerobic adhesives are sometimes called threadlockers. This adhesive cures in the absence of air and in the presence of metal to form a durable polymer that is resistant to chemicals. It bonds well to metal however, it shouldn’t be used on rubber or plastic.

Cyanoacylate Adhesives

Cyanoacylate adhesive is the technical word for superglue. This adhesive forms a strong bond with any surface in the presence of moisture. The superglue can bond quickly (less than 5 seconds).

Structural Adhesives

The Bondloc Epoxy Putty is a structural adhesive which means that it is ‘load-bearing’. This adhesive bonds a joint and can hold two or more substrates together under stress. Epoxy adhesives provide the highest strength and best performance since they are resistant to temperature and solvents.


Bondloc sealants are versatile as they bond to most substrates and remove the need to use specific primers. They offer exceptional performance in many applications.

Retaining compounds are an important piece of kit as they have many benefits:

  • High strength
  • Very temperature resistant 
  • Rapid curing
  • Excellent gap filling
  • Low viscosity
  • Reduces dependence on machine tolerances
  • Even load and stress distribution over the joint
  • Prevent fretting corrosion

Bondloc adhesives have industrial applications and are used whenever sealed components need strong bonding. They are ideally used in machines that contain bearings.

Bondloc adhesives are handy for automotive applications as they can withstand high temperatures. Specifically, it can be used to fix gears/sprockets onto the gearbox shafts. The retaining compound can be used to repair components rather than replace them, saving costs.

Retaining compounds are essential in fields that require MRO, like aerospace. They ensure that repairs can be made efficiently to maintain operations in the facility.

The Bearing Company is proud to stock bearing retaining compounds from the leading brand Bondloc.

We can offer next-day delivery and tracked delivery with reliable couriers. For advice on which adhesive to choose for your application, call us on 01527 509620 or email [email protected].

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