Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) belts are the same as the original belt on your machine as they are made by the same manufacturer, using the same materials. They offer more value in the long term compared to aftermarket belts because they have a longer lifespan. 

You can be confident that OEM belts will fit correctly as the specification matches the original part. They will be made from high-quality materials and can withstand high temperatures so are more reliable.

We supply OEM belts from over 30 manufacturers, ranging from Gates and John Deere to Stiga and MTD

Our OEM mower belts are essential in the agricultural industry. Whether you need to replace the components in your fleet of machines or just a ride-on mower for domestic use, we can help. 

When spring and summer roll around, we understand you’ll be dusting off your lawn mowers and garden equipment and possibly finding a worn belt. So that you can complete your maintenance jobs as soon as possible, we offer tracked 24 and 48-hour delivery from reliable couriers. 

If you need guidance on which specification of OEM belt to choose, call us on 01527 509620 or email [email protected].