Taper lock bushings are a locking mechanism used to fix pulleys, sprockets and other power transmission hubs to drive shafts. Locking these components in place is quick and easy.

Depending on your shaft, you may require an imperial taper lock bush or a metric taper lock, and The Bearing Company supplies both measures. They are made from high grade cast iron and are robust. All the bush surfaces are ground and checked in fit gauges, and the key position is fixed in relation to the grub screws.

Taper lock bushings are commonly used because of these benefits:

  • Easy to fit and replace
  • Helps control the speed of the mechanism it is fitted to
  • Offers smooth functioning
  • Low maintenance
  • The slow cooling process increases resistance to cracking and breaking
  • No reboring as a range of sizes available

Keep in mind that torque transmission and system stability won’t be as effective if you install and dismantle the taper lock bush regularly.

Taper lock bushes are used to mount components like v belts, roller-chain and synchronous drives. Due to their evenly spaced installation, taper lock bushes are effective in high torque applications.

Specific industries that use taper lock bushes are:

  • Mining
  • Air conditioning
  • Fan units
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Textiles
  • Solvent plants
  • Spinning units
  • Rice mills

The Bearing Company supplies a variety of taper lock bushes from trusted brands at competitive prices. 

We can offer next-day delivery and tracked delivery with reliable couriers. If you need guidance on which taper lock bushing is best for your job, call us on 01527 509620 or email [email protected].

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